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Branched Drain in a Greene Garden Sept 2014

This was a unique project and a unique workshop. We wanted to do a greywater system from the washer; however, there was no space in the laundry room to put a three way valve because of the exquiisite cabinetry that we did not want to deface. Then we realized that the entrance to the crawlspoace was not far from the washer, and we could put a three way valve at that lower point- only it needed to be a larger valve, and we needed to do a branched drain (gravity fed) installation because we wouldn't be able to use the power of the washing machine pump. So we did. And sent 2" and 1 1/2" greywater pipes to the front yard, along the side of the house, and into the back yard to fruit trees there.  Below are the pictures of the story.

back yard before Side before front yard before

These images show the back, side and front yards before the greywater installation.

Here's the three way valve below the laundry room

Here's the three way valve in the crawlspace beneath the laundry room.

Now the workshop volunteers came together and put their shoulders to the wheel.

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