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Carpinteria Valley Water District Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Garden- Earthworks Workshop Saturday September 10

Sweetwater Collaborative will lead the effort to put in a rainwater harvesting demonstration garden at the Carpinteria Valley Water District this fall. We will start with a community hands-on workshop creating the earthworks for this project, on Saturday, September 10, 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM. Register now

Come be a part of something bigger, shape the earth to harvest water to build rich soil and nourish a water wise garden, at the Carpinteria Valley Water District offices.   Water that falls on the roofs near the front of the offices, on Santa Ynez Ave, will be directed from downspouts into channels and basins that will form the foundation of a beautiful rain garden.

This workshop is free to participants; we ask that you sign up online so we have a good head count. Snacks, a light lunch, drinks, and many tools will be provided. Please bring your pointed shovels, picks and trowels to help with the effort.  This will be a social work party that you'll walk away from with ideas and some real skills to implement in your own landscape. Register now

Many hands make light work           Shaping a basin

An Alfresco Anapamu Adventure, Sat August 13, 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Help to create a new path for rainwater into a front yard that will become a place of adventure for bees, and butterflies.. This hands-on workshop will be the beginning of the whole landscape transformation into a water wise cottage garden. This workshop is full. you can Register here for the waitlist if you are interested. 
We'll redirect rainwater from two downspouts into two mulch basins and create berms, which together will form the foundation of the rain garden to come. The August 13 workshop will focus on the earthworks and downspouts. Later this fall we will have another hands-on workshop to plant the pollinator-friendly native plants. Join us and be part of an outdoor adventure in water wise practices.


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