Water Wise Victorian Garden


A formal Victorian garden is not what one usually thinks of when imagining integrating water harvesting and drought tolerant plants into a landscape, but that's what was part of the landscape remodel at this Victorian residence on Santa Barbara's Westside.  We found what plants fit into both concepts, and helped make it happen, from 8:30am-1:30pm on Saturday October 6, 2012. 

Barbara Wishingrad was the instructor for this hands-on workshop through the Santa Barbara Green Living Co-op.

Before Photos:

rain garden, water harvestingrain garden, water harvesting

We helped this couple put in a laundry to landscape greywater system in July 2012 and returned in October to add a raingarden on the side of their front yard.  During the previous winter, stormwater had flowed from the back yard and off of the roof, pooled on the driveway and then ran off into the street. This installation was designed to capture this rainwater, save on their water bill, and provide beauty and habitat in the yard.  We think we succeeded, don't you!?

After photos, soon after workshop in fall 2012:

after photo, water harvesting, raingarden, native plantsafter photo, water harvesting, raingarden, native plants

And, nine months later, after just one winter's rain (and a dry winter at that), the plants have blossomed and grown:

after photo, water harvesting, raingarden, native plantsafter photo, rainwater harvesting, raingarden, native plants


Our Victorian Rain Garden in June 2015

Victorian Rain Garden June 2015