Volunteer opportunities

Are you passionate about making a difference in our world, in creating a better future for ourselves, future generations, and all beings on the planet? Do you want to preserve the unique beauty and natural character of our local area? Be a part of a local movement with other caring community members? Learn how to live well with low-cost, climate-safe water sources, build biologically rich soil sponges across our community, and grow edibles?  If any of these questions speak to you, you're in the right place.

Sweetwater Collaborative has an ongoing need for volunteers, not only for our projects, but to reach out to others whose paths we cross in our daily lives, to bring people together in joy and productivity. We need bilingual speakers to reach out to those who only speak Spanish. We need students and others who can gather data and provide metrics about our work. We need those with people skills to represent Sweetwater at outreach events. And sometimes we need help in our office.

We can verify community service hours for volunteers who are part of service organizations.

Please contact Barbara Wishingrad at bwishingrad@gmail.com or 805-403-4566 about becoming a Sweetwater volunteer today!

Thanks! You'll be glad you did.