Sweet Weekday Tank Workshop Nov 2015

We installed a 265 gallon Slimline tank at this residence on the lower Riviera to direct roof run off compromising a second story patio and the rental unit below.

The tank stores enough water to use on a small veggie garden on the side patio and the overflow runs freely into the terraced gardens below.

Here's the problematic patio before anything was done:

patio that filled with rainwater before tank was installed  and here's where the rain could be directed into a tank just around the corner there's a spot for a tank!


Copper gutters were added to both areas:

Gutters on the patio  Copper downspout will connect to the tank


Before the workshop, a pad was put in to stabliize the tank:

Pad to stabilize tank

At the workshop we put in all the connections-- inlet, hose bib to use the water, and piping for overflow:

Rainhead filters water before it goes into tank  hose bib so tank water can be used for veggie garden  overflow pipe is directed to flow into terraced garden below  

Overflow helps to create a rich soil sponge in terraced gardens below. Because it's a small tank, the overflow will often get into the soil when it rains, so this is an important component of the system.

Terraced gardens benefit from tank overflow


Another successful Sweetwater workshop, that helped with water management and best use of rain water:


Sweet weekday tank workshop team