Slimline tanks installation Dec 2013

The hosts for this project had spent a year in Australia where they saw the prolific use of rainwater tanks. They were interested in adding a tank to their recently remodeled landscape and had only a narrow strip next to the house where one would fit.  Slimline tanks are made for just such purposes.  After a bit of researching and measuring, our hosts decided to put in two Slimlines, one that holds 530 gallons and another that holds 265 gallons.

The tanks fit next to the wall a ways from the downspout so we designed a wet system to get the water into the tanks.  Eight volunteers separated in two crews put the piping and fittings together and dug the basin for the overflow.

raintank, rainwater harvesting, rainwater storage, Slimline, community workshopcatchment basin, earthworks, tank overflow, hands-on workshop

raintank installation, rainwater harvesting, LID, hands-on workshoprainhead, raintank, water harvesting, community workshoprain tank overflow, basin, water harvesting, community workshop


We worked together on the various tasks with the more experienced volunteers sharing tips with those who had yet to gain some of the skills involved.



And then it was all done.  Now we just need the rain!!

rainhead, rain tank, water harvesting, water storage, SlimlineSlimline rain tanks, water harvesting, rainwater catchment, water storageSlimline rain tanks, water harvesting, rainwater catchment, water storage