Santa Barbara County Greywater Resources

Santa Barbara County Greywater Resources


Greywater Installers

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Greywater Installers in and near Santa Barbara

Sweetwater Collaborative 805-403-4566

We offer hands-on, community-based workshops in people’s homes and neighborhoods, helping each other install sustainable systems. We want to have fun working together and changing the face of our town. We can work with homeowners, organizations, businesses and neighborhoods in a variety of capacities--from simple laundry systems done in workshops, or more complex permitted systems done through our network of landscape contractors and other professionals. Our core group of five comes from a variety of backgrounds. Our combined skills include landscape design and construction, marine biology, marketing, business development, Permaculture design, networking and education. We are eager to share our team efforts to help our community.

Daniel Wilson - WELD Environmental Contracting 805-957-4729

Wilson Environmental Contracting, Inc (WilsonEnv) is a full service Design-Build-Maintain-Manage firm specializing in Water Management, including: Rainwater harvesting/storage/use, Greywater pressure and non pressure systems (laundry, shower/tub, sinks, RO) including various distribution plumbing methods, dipper boxes, and ultra-efficient and intelligent (remote, responsive integrated) irrigation. WilsonEnv [] has been design/building since 2003, licensed since 2005 and installing greywater systems since 2007. WilsonEnv is based in SB and installs systems from SLO to LA. 

Regenerative Landscape Alliance (ReGen) office 805-564-4943 info@regen.coop . A phone call to the office is the best way to reach them, or call the Client Liaison for the company: or 805-403-4566

Regenerative Landscape Alliance (dba is a cutting edge landscape company. They design, install, and maintain water wise, innovative systems and features like rain gardens, downspout diversion, rainwater tanks, laundry to landscape, branched drain, and other greywater systems, food forests, native and Mediterranean gardens, soil remediation, permeable paying, and sheet mulching, as well as complete landscape transformations. ReGen loves to create gardens and systems that exude beauty as well as functionality. is committed to Permaculture principles such as whole systems thinking, protracted and thoughtful observation,  working with nature, return of surplus, and stacking functions. They strive for economic and environmental sustainabiilty in their work, their business structure, and in the systems and gardens they install and care for.

Common Garden Collective 805-284-3301, Common Garden is owned and operated by Sara Sternberg. She is committed to creating community through providing affordable access to ecological systems. Greywater and rainwater system installation are some of her specialities.


Santa Barbara area installers listed on the Greywater Action website:


This directory lists people and companies who’ve attended Greywater Action’s 5 day training for installers and existing greywater businesses in Greywater Action’s extended network. If you don’t see someone in your area, please visit this page for advice.


Greywater Action Associates: After completing the 5 day course, these people have gone on to complete, install, and document a minimum of five systems professionally. They have collaborated with Greywater Action, and are working to provide eduction about greywater systems in their local area as well as to ease permitting barriers.


Level 2 Installers: These people have completed Greywater Action’s 5 day “Greywater System Design and Installation” course, and have installed at least two systems on their own, submitting photos and documentation of the systems to Greywater Action.


Level 1 Installers: These people have completed Greywater Action’s 5 day “Greywater System Design and Installation” course. They have completed a certification examination with a score of 80% or higher, and also successfully installed a greywater system in a small group.


Greywater Action Associate:

 Sweetwater Collaborative

Area: Central Coast California

Location: Santa Barbara

About: see above

Services: Consultation, L2L

Business website:

Installer's level: 3


Level 2 Installers: None listed for Santa Barbara area. Laura Maher is a level 2 installer in Camarillo. (see details below)


Level 1 Installers


Area: Central Coast California

Location: Santa Barbara


Stop your wailing… It is time to get swaling! This group is dedicated to Permaculture Action. Earth Care – People Care – Fair Share

Services: Consultation, L2L

Business website: PermAction on Facebook

Installer's level: 1

RainScape Designs

Area: Central Coast California

Location: Ojai


Landscape designs to save water, capture rainwater and greywater. This includes turf removal, earth works to capture water by building berms and swales, plant material selection, soil improvement, and irrigation efficiency.

Service area: Ventura, Ojai, Carpinteria

Services: Consultation, L2L

Business website:

Installer's level: 1


Other Greywater installers on the Central Coast

 Carmichael Environmental

Area: Central Coast California

Location: San Luis Obispo


Carmichael Environmental provides sustainable outdoor living solutions to residential, commercial, and municipal clientele with an ecologically conscious and creative approach to inspire harmony with our surroundings while conserving valuable economic, social, and environmental resources.

Services: All types of Greywater Systems

Business website:

Edulis Gardens

Area: Central Coast California


Eric Broberg was certified in Permaculture design in 2007 and again in 2009. After attending a workshop in Berkeley with Greywater Action in 2009, he began installing laundry to landscape systems for clients interested in water conservation. He has since installed approximately 20 L2L systems from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. He is an Accredited Associate with ARCSA and continues to attend professional workshops with Sweetwater Collaborative in Santa Barbara. He is now based in San Luis Obispo county, where he continues his greywater work while also developing an edible landscaping nursery and organic farm.

Business website:

Laura Maher

Area: Southern California

Location: Camarillo


Holistic garden design, installation, and fine maintenance services in Ventura County.  Cost-effective innovative solutions to turf conversions, healthy soil building, composting, organic food production, pollinator support, integrated pest management, rainwater harvesting and low-maintenance greywater systems.

Services: Consultation, L2L, Branched drain

Installer's level: 2



Local stores are carrying more greywater parts than before. Still, there are a couple of tried-and-true online sources:

Oasis Design sells three-way diverter valves for both Laundry to Landscape and Branched Drain systems, as well as flow splitters for branched drain. These flow splitters already have a clean out plug inserted.

Clean Water Components carries a whole line of greywater parts, including kits, three way valves, flow splitters, hard to find fittings, parts for Acuators, and a 1 1/2" auto vent.


In our area:

Ewing Irrigation at 718 Cacique St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, (805) 966-9533 carries many greywater parts including

  • 6" valve boxes that are often used to enclose greywater outlets,
  • 1/2" air admittance valves which may be a good option in many installations instead of a larger auto vent,
  • purple marked landcape tubing in 1/2" or 3/4" (this item may not always be in stock)
  • 1/2" green back ball valves which are full port- they don't constrict, they let the greywater flow


Aqua Flo Supply, either at 225 S Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 (805) 897-1166  (just a couple of blocks from Ewing) or 30 S La Patera Ln #10, Goleta, CA 93117 (805) 967-2374, also stocks many greywater parts including 1" three way valves.



Oasis Biocompatible Cleaners: Laundry Detergent and Dishwash/All Purpose Cleaner are available locally at Lazy Acres, 302 Meigs Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93109 in concentrated 1 gal containers and at Isla Vista Food Co-op at  6575 Seville Rd, Isla Vista, CA 93117, in either the concentrated 1 gal containers or in bulk.

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soaps are available in many flavors, including unscented, at many stores in the area, including Rite Aid, Gelsen's, Whole Foods, Lassen's, IV Food Co-op and Lazy Acres. There are 15 stores carrying Dr. Bronner's listed in our area here.


 This page is a work in progress..we'll add to and update it from time to time. If you find a local source for greywater parts or products you think should be included here, please contact us and let us know. Thank you.