Ribbons of Rain Garden Dec 2013

before pix raingarden, lawn removal, rain harvesting


Our workshop host did not waste water irrigating her lawn.  And she was looking for a way to use the water from her roof is a way that would enhance or beautify her living space/yard.

lawn removal, sheet mulching, raingarden preparation 

Bermuda grass was hand removed and then area was sheet mulched for two months.

And then the fun began!

raingarden, rainwater harvesting, rain catchment, hands-on workshophands-on workshop, water harvesting, communityraingarden, native plants, mulch, water harvesting

In just five short hours the yard was transformed!

water harvesting, rain catchment, raingarden, native plantsRibbons of Rain Garden hidden beneath the mulch will nurture the drought tolerant plants that have flowers of many colors. In turn, the plants will attract birds and butterflies, and grow large and prosper.raingarden, water harvesting, rain catchment, mulch, native plants