Past Projects

We have compiled stories and before and after photos of projects that Sweetwater Collaborative has done over the last few years.  We appreciate your patience as we add projects one by one.  Enjoy the project profiles we have already uploaded!  We have also inclued community demonstration gardens by other organizations as well as Sweetwater.

Water Wise Community Demonstration Site in the Santa Barbara area- some created by Sweetwater Collaborative and some by others. Our Executive Director, Barbara Wishingrad, worked on most of the community projects led by other organizations.


Earthworks for Erosion Control and Incredible Infiltration- Butterfly Garden at Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens- partnered with Master Gardeners and City of Santa Barbara Parks Department- November 2019

Turquoise, Orange and White Rain Garden- November 2019

Women's Empowerment Series: Tanks for the Rain Workshop January 2019

Women's Empowerment Series: Washer Water Powers Plants Workshop March 2019


Lovin' Lagunitas Rainwater Harvesting Workshop, June 2018

Fabulous Flow to Feijoas, March 2018

Impact Hub Tropical Garden, February 2018


Impact Hub Native Garden Planting, December 2017

Downtown Downspout to Tank workshop, November 2017

Rain Barrels of Laughs workshop, April 2017

Planting a Berry Nice Yard, February 2017

Curb Cuts! Following the Flow in the Parking Lot, February 2017

Wake Up and Smell the Rain Garden, February 2017 

2016- Sixteen workshops

Carpinteria Valley Water District Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Garden- Planting Extravaganza November 2016

An Anapamu Planting Adventure, November 2016

Expansive Earthworks Workshop, October 2016

Dive Down Laundry to Landscape Workshop, September 2016

Carpinteria Valley Water District Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Garden - earthworks workshop September 2016

Via Real Rain Garden, August 2016

An Alfresco Anapamu Adventure, August 2016

Tres Palmas Triangle Transformation May 2016

Nurturing Natives, Naturally Parts 1 and 2 April 2016

Tank on Tunnel Ridge March 2016

Littel Creekbed, Big Mouintain, Many Plants March 2016

Creekbed, Floodplains, and Terraces, oh my! -Jan-Mar 2016

Let's Make a Berry Nice Yard- Laundry to landscape  workshop- Feb 2016

Let's Make a Berry Nice Yard- rainwater harvesting/planting  workshop- Jan 2016


2015 -Twelve workshops

Sweet Weekday Tank Workshop Nov 2015

Permaculture Paradise in Carpinteria- a year long project -three workshops + March-Nov 2015

The Fox and Lizard - three workshops+ to create a water wise English cottage garden June- Nov 2015

Welcome Washer Water Workshop June 2015

Island View Greywater Installation July 2015

Permaculture Starfish and Hugelkulture May 2015

Dig a Delightful Dry Creekbed March 2015

Palms Up! Front Yard Transformation Feb 2015


2014- Eight workshops

Got Greywater! Laundry to landscape workshop Feb 2014

Got Greywater Growing! workshop Mar 2014

Tank to Rain Garden Workshop April 2014

 "A New Paradigm" Workshops One and Two, May 2014

Laundry to Landscape in a Butterfly Garden June 2014

Garcia Road Greywater August 2014

Branched Drain in a Greene Garden Sept 2014

L2L workshop for professionals October 2014

RWH workshop for professionals November 2014


2013- six workshops

Food Forest on the Mesa June and July 2013

Tanks for the Rain August 2013

Grey Water to Green Landscape Nov 2013 

Slimline Tanks Installation Dec 2013

Ribbons of Rain Garden Dec 2013


Laundry to Landscape July 2012

Water Wise Victorian Garden October 2012


Native Garden Redo in Ellwood