Let's Make a Berry Nice Yard- Laundry to landscape workshop Feb 2016

Downspouts were diverted, rain basins dug, and fruit trees, berries and some foundational drought tolerant plants were planted. See the photos and story of the first workshop at this site here: http://www.sweetwatercollaborative.org/basic-page/lets-make-berry-nice-y...

The yard was then sheet mulched. Now it's time to install the laundry to landscape system that will provide needed irrigation for the blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.  From an HE machine, eight is the optimal number of outlets in an L2L system. This is the story:

Working on the collection (inside) plumbing    Inside piping is all configured      Valve boxes re-purposed as outlet covers are drilled and ready to go Gluing it all together      Getting the distribution (outdoor) plumbing right      Putting the outlet into the cover (valve box)     

The system as completed with outlets next to each berry bush planted (eight in all):

Greywater outlets next to the raspberries and blackberries.      Blueberries get their share of greywater too