Impact Hub Native Garden Planting, December 2017

Sweetwater teamed up with Impact Hub Funk Zone to put a native garden along a strip of land next to the back parking lot of Impact Hub in the Funk Zone. We worked to find native plants that would be showy, attract pollinators, and fit nicely in a narrow space. We are jazzed with the result and look forward to seeing the plants grow over the years to come.

Let the fun begin!

The planting has begun and continues... and continues! Time to take a break

It was a simple and elegant design- with Manzanita Howard McMinn as a centerpiece, flanked by CA native rushes, CA fuschias, a native succulent- Chalk Dudleya, ad a lone monkeyflower.

A simple and elegant design Just imagine the Manzanita rising majestically in front of that wall     

Come by and see the garden grow! 10 W. Yanonali, in the back.