How Our Core Group works--Governance

Sweetwater is based on a local collaborative vision.  We have been meeting since January 2013 to explore what we can and want to become, based on the needs and desires of our community, using Low Impact Development and water harvesting as a starting point.  We are committed to fostering community collaborations that make our built environment more sustainable. 

Sweetwater Collaborative is so far developing a sociocratic form of governance. Sociocracy was originally developed in Holland in the 1970’s in a medium-sized engineering firm. Its roots lay in Quaker traditions that also underlay consensus and other progressive forms of social organization.

Sweetwater members collaborating at WMG AT

Sociocracy could be described as a decision-making process oriented around steering toward collectively determined goals.  It is structured around self-organizing circles that make policy decisions and assign tasks and responsibilities through various group processes that engage the perspectives, skills, sympathies, and inspirations of all members of the circle. The circles are connected and coordinated through an interlinked network. Sweetwater is in the forming stage, so there is only one circle so far, and so the processes are simple to start with.

Sweetwater members and others collaborating at WMG AT

Sweetwater will help organize related circles of our various constituencies in similar ways as the network develops so that the whole system is both self-determining and integrated at the same time. We posit that such networked systems will be essential to the evolution of a healthy, sustainable society and are thus committed to developing effective prototypes.      

 Contact us through this website if you are interested in exploring how you can be more of a part of these efforts.