Garcia Road Greywater

This was a complicated system that involved using a 4" pipe as a surge tank before the laundry water dropped into the garden.  From the washer we ran the greywater pipe through the wall, in between a flagstone patio, and to the edge of the garage. We laid the 4" pipe alongside the garage, between the house and plants to be watered. From there the greywater connections went into a large valve box so the water could be diverted into various zones. Three Sweetwater instructors did this installation as Dreamscape work crew instead of a workshop. It was  a lot of fun putting together. The project was completed in August 2014.


The landscape in which we were working, converted from lawn years ago. The washer and wall before the installGreywater piping next to the washerPiping on outside of house PVC is converted to polyline to run greywater into the gardenPolyline fits in between the flagstone.Polyline transitions to 4" PVCOut of the 4" pipe and into the valve boxGreywater outlets in the gardenHappy roses and fruit trees get watered with greywater.