Downtown Downspout to Tank Workshop, Sat Nov 18, 2017

The object of this workshop was to connect a 265 gal Slimline tank to a downspout on a small cottage in downtown Santa Barbara. The cottage was repeatedly flooded during last winter's rainy season. Redirecting the rain that falls onto the roof of this rental property so that wouldn't happen again was a priority before the rainy season begins. 

The tank will also serve as supplemental water to nearby fruit trees and water storage for emergencies.

Please hover over each photo to read its caption. 

Cutting pipe is easier when you work together             PVC needs to be painted so it won't deteriorate in the sun Connecting the downspout to the tank       Teflon tape needs to be put on exactly right.      The hole for the overflow has been drilled.Overflow pipe will discharge into a mulch pile on the other side of the fence, on the same property.

Sweetwater workshops are a great place to joke around, as long as we stay safe.      Ready to put the gutter strainer in. If there had been more fall, we would have used a Leaf Eater instead.      Inlet and overflow are complete      Our honorable instructor The sweet spot where the overflow discharges