Design services

Sweetwater personnel will do an assessment and design of a project that will typically take one or two workshops to complete. The design process may include calculations, research, sketches, and an estimate of costs of labor and materials. The exact scope of each design is agreed upon before implementing it. A typical design costs $500-$800 although price may vary depending on the complexity and scope . If we do an initial site consultation, that $60 may be deducted from the cost of the design.

We provide conceptual or close-to-scale hand drawn detailed designs that we can work from when implementing projects in our workshops, so that participants and property owners can understand what needs to or has been done. Between a design and some coaching, we may be able to give enough information for a DIY simple project such as some laundry to landscape systems, rain gardens, drought toletant gardens, and food forests. We do not provide professional construction documents. We can recommend landscape professionals that can help with projects whose scope is greater than our capabilities.