Consultations and coaching

Sweetwater offers initial site visit consultations that typically include looking at the feasibility of possible water-wise projects in the landscape, recommendations for other water-wise practices on your site, and learning about innovative water sources for home and garden. Visits are billed at $60 for the first hour or less, and in 15 minute increments at $60/hour for any additional time spent on site. One follow up email is included in this service. Email to schedule a visit.

We also do more focused consulting and coaching on DIY water-wise projects, including one-on-one coaching as you install a water-wise system in your home.  Email and phone coaching is also available or may be combined with on-site visits. Coaching often follows engaging us to do a design for you. Our consultation/coaching fee is also $60/hour billed in 15 minute increments after the first hour. For visits under an hour at your site, we will also charge for our travel time.

Continued coaching through email and phone communication is also billed in 15 min increments, unless it's a brief question.  We value your time as well as our own.