Anapamu Alfresco Adventure, August 2016 and Anapamu Planting Adventure, Nov 2016

This project started with a common story- a front lawn that would take too much water to maintain, a flat, now dry, nondescript space.

a lone apricot tree that needs some love      what's behind the white picket fence?      waiting for renovation


We came, we consulted, and we committed to making a rain garden to help the yard come alive. In August we had a workshop to put in the rainwater harvesting earthworks 

Getting into the rhythm of things      Volunteers learn the importance of protecting Schedule 40 pipe from the sun       What do you see in the transit?      And what a beautiful mulch basin it was

Then the yard was sheet mulched and left to sit for three months before it was planted.

pebbles line the channel from the downspout      beyond the fence is another story now      Another angle sheet mulched front


 We'll get pictures of the planting workshop up soon!