Tres Palmas Triangle Transformation in May 2016

Tres Palmas is a small HOA on Santa Barbara's Eastside. Houses surround a cul-de-sac with a number of common landscape areas. Sweetwater was asked to re-imagine three of the landscape areas that frame the central part of the complex.

This is the story of the Tres Palmas Triangle Transformation.

The side common area was a challenge because it had so many utilities running through it. We worked around them, diverted a downspout and started a lovely rain garden.

Common area on side- before      Sweetwater workshop joy      Getting down and dirty      Transformation of this side complete!


The main common area was more ambitious. We used what had been a problem- run on from the neighbors flooding the area- and turned it into a creek bed with a flagstone bridge and patio nearby. 


Main common area- before      Main common area- before- other perspective      Many hands make light work      Water wise plants surround the creek bed      Bridge leading to patio      near the beginning of the creek bed


The third area to make up the triangle was smaller but was also transformed:

small area- before      A mulch basin has been shaped      transformation complete



As the plants fill in, it will become even more beautiful.