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Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Math, Science Rock Students’ World on Techsploration Day

Source: Julia Davis for El Montecito School San Roque

February 13, 2017 | 1:17 p.m.
ELMO second-grader RJ Berrett practices rainwater harvesting with Sweetwater Collaborative.
ELMO second-grader RJ Berrett practices rainwater harvesting with Sweetwater Collaborative. (El Montecito School San Roque)

From learning how to read animal X-rays to 3-D printing to planning drought-resistant landscapes, and programming robot-dogs, students at El Montecito School San Roque (ELMO) had an array of hands-on encounters during the school's Third Annual Techsploration Day on Feb. 3.

Techsploration Day is designed to give students opportunities to experience and connect with individuals and companies that specialize in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They can observe a number of ways STEM topics are of use in the real world.

During the event, kindergartners through sixth-graders assembled into multi-level groups, and circulated through a variety of stations where volunteers from the community engaged them in a variety of STEM experiences.

At one station, Dr. Alois Zauner, a neurosurgeon and an ELMO parent, shared photos and video from inside a brain, let children practice surgery techniques, and emphasized the importance of wearing helmets.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, students learned about building bridges, dissection of a TV, and proper use of construction tools.

For ELMO’s preschoolers, Techsploration Day meant activities such as creating flubber, experimenting with magnets, and learning about creatures from the Santa Barbara Zoo. A highlight was the explosive reaction of “elephant toothpaste.”

Parent and teacher Colette Nottage Crafton, who spearheaded the event with a team of parents, said of the event:

“We wanted a thorough collection of stations to show the students how far and wide STEM subjects reach. Working with community partners brings us together and gives students an opportunity to learn about local businesses.”

The school thanks: Santa Barbara Zoo, Hong Lieu from Santa Barbara Public Library, the Engineering Academy Team from Providence A Santa Barbara Christian School, David Lyda from Lyda David Designs, and Paul Olsen from Everlasting Construction, INC.

Also, Barbara Wishingrad & Josh Graning from Sweetwater Collaborative, Dr. Zauner from the Stroke And Neurovascular Center, John Morton of University College of London, Shannon Neilson-Carley from Advanced Veterinary Specialists, and Dr. Brett Grube from White & Grube Orthodontics.

Also, Ray Barajas from Caltrans, Tim Griggs and Steve Crafton, Nottage Crafton, Jamie Griggs, Lizette Reitzin and Katy Janewa.

For more about El Montecito School San Roque visit www.elmoschool.org.

— Julia Davis for El Montecito School San Roque.


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