Permaculture Paradise - a 2015 project in Carpinteria

Sweetwater Collaborative, along with Dreamscape, and Youth Drought Project, helped to transform a residence in Carpinteria into a Permaculture Paradise over a period of months in 2015- from the beginning of the year through October. We put in rainwater harvesting basins and a food forest blended with drought tolerant plants.  Below is the story of the transformation in photos.

 First there was a lawn...


First there was a lawnthat transformed into this-Spring 2015

and then grew into this. Fall 2015 

In May 2016 it looked like this!!

Apple, Mission fig and cherimoya trees  so lush!

Here is the story.


Sweetwater did a collaborative site assessment at this residence in January, 2015. Our first workshop took place in March. 

shaping the basin tree plantingReady for a lot of stormwater


Youth Drought Project sheet mulched the yard the next day, to kill the lawn.

newly mulched

Dreamscape added irrigation, a flagstone path, transplanted more roses, put in more trees and succulents too.

flagstone just added flagstone bridge allows stormwater into the basin Path allows trash cans to get in and out


In the summer, Sweetwater had a water harvesting workshop in the back yard.

Connecting with the soil Can't wait to see the Atomic Red Nectarine bloom!


...and a fall planting workshop in both the front and back.

A good time was had by all Getting the low down on the back yard plants The path from the downspout to the basin Right after fall planting

The garden will only get better and better as all the plants grow, mulch breaks down and creates rich soil, water gets to slow, spread and sink into the earth, and flowers and fruit flourish.

beautiful fig bursting with health