The Movable Laundry greywater system

Art Ludwig, designer of the laundry to landscape and branched drain greywater systems. has developed a simplier, more effective way to get water from high efficiency washers into the landscape. The new design is called Movable Laundry to landscape, although we're not sure that name will stick. At any rate, it offers a way for greywater to be distributed from washing machines through a movable hose, if installed according to specific requirements, so that each wash would water a particular plant instead of dividing up a small amount of water between numerous plants. This sytem also allows the user more control of what will be watered.

The Movable Laundry to landscape design has beene released in the new Santa Barbara County Greywater Handbook, which has just been published. Barbara Wishingrad of Sweetwater Collaborative was a major contributor to the Handbook; the lead for that project was Art Ludwig and Oasis Design. 

See to download the handbook. Moveable Laundry to Landscape system can be found on page 38.