The Fox and Lizard - a water wise English cottage garden

This was a transformation of two front yards of a duplex.  The story started like many, with a lawn. From there, it became magnificent!!


First there was a lawn, two lawns   After the first earthworks workshop    After planting  Mulch basins filled up in the rain   Everything is starting to bloom!

In June of 2015 we did our first earthworks workshop, followed by the second one a month later.

Basins outlined in gypsum on the lawn  Getting started on the basins     Basins starting to take shape

Both yards were sheet mulched next:

Sheet mulching creates the conditions for the lawn to die

And planted in the fall, before the start of the rainy season:

busy at work placing the plants


Again, the results are magnificent!!

The Fox and Lizard garden in spring 2016