Curb Cuts Webinar and Community Meeting Recordings now on YouTube

On February 8, 2021, Sweetwater Collaborative hosted a webinar- Introduction to Curb Cuts, treating stormwater as a resource, not a nuisance.
Curb cuts are part of a larger vision or series of practices that have been called by many names, including Green Streets and Low Impact Development. They are part of a paradigm shift in what solutions we implement for challenges with water in the built environment and in our natural environment. The shift is from the Pipe it, Pave it, Pump it model to the Slow, Spread and Sink model.
In our PowerPoint presentation, you will see examples of curb cuts in our area and in other communities, learn about local design standards, and benefits and challenges of capturing stormwater.
Two weeks after our Curb Cuts webinar, we held a community meeting to follow up to allows participants to freely discuss ideas, strategies and plans to augment the number of curb cuts in south Santa Barbara County, installed with best practices.
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