2021 Proposed Lunch and Learns for Professionals

Trainings for Professionals: Best Practices in Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Systems Installation, a Proposed Program.


Sweetwater Collaborative is developing a pilot educational program geared towards professionals that design and install rainwater harvesting or greywater systems, or the systems and structures that support or surround them.  In the classes, we will share specific information that focuses on technical details and best LID practices as well as concepts and ideas for collaborating with other disciplines. The information is pertinent to a variety of professional groups, including architects, landscape architects, general contractors, landscape contractors, landscape designers, roofing and gutter installers, plumbers and other landscape professionals.

The classes for this pilot program take the Lunch and Learn format, held for one hour at a typical lunch time for professionals during the work week. Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Design and Installation will be separate classes, each held at a Lunch and Learn focused on or sponsored by a particular profession. Topics will include:

  • why we should change the pipe, pump and pave paradigm to slow, spread and sink,
  • how rain gardens, rain tanks or a combination of both can satisfy the requirement to keep 1 inch of rain onsite for new construction and increase onsite water infiltration and soil health over time,
  • optimal fall from fixtures and recommended fittings and design for greywater stubouts,
  • at what point in a project should a rainwater harvesting or greywater designer/installer be called into consult so that the work proceeds with best practices that do not have to be fixed down the line.
  • During each class, we will review a checklist that will be handed out about steps to take to insure best LID practices for design and installation of either rainwater harvesting and greywater systems, depending on which class we are in. This checklist will be pertinent for a number of different disciplines working in the built environment.

Sweetwater Collaborative has met with the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division to insure that information provided in these classes about stormwater management is accurate and in compliance with City regulations.


The funding for this program will involve two different stages- development and implementation. Development will include

  • reaching out and coordinating with each professional group,
  • developing curriculum and creating general PowerPoint presentations for both of the topics in the program (rainwater harvesting and stormwater management, and greywater). Working with the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division is part of this process.
  • fine tuning each PowerPoint to be profession-specific


Eleven lunch ‘n learns will be offered through this program- one of each type to five different professional types: architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, general contractors, and plumbers, and only the RWH class to roofing and gutter professionals.


Implementation will involve coordination of the logistics of each class with each professional group, promotion, and the actual leading of the Lunch ‘n Learns.


Sweetwater instructors and program coordinator are billed at $75/hour. Two of our positions will be needed for each hour of prep, promotions, coordination and instruction, for a combined rate of $150/hour.

Estimated Costs involved in Lunch and Learn Program, including Pilot Program co-sponsored by City of Santa Barbara Water Conservation Program:



Total Estimated Cost (not including any venue costs)


Not to Exceed: 


Total Estimated Cost per class:


Total Estimated Hours developing curriculum, organizing, promoting and leading each class:    

77 – 110 hours for 11 classes

Max  Estimated Hours:  




Funding has already been secured from the City of Santa Barbara Water Conservation Program for developing curriculum, creating general PowerPoint presentations, and working with the City of Santa Barbara Creeks Division (3 of the 7-10 hours for each instructor/coordinator of each class).


Estimated Funding still needed for Lunch and Learn Program:




Total Estimated Cost Still needed to be funded (not including any venue costs)


Not to Exceed: 


Total Estimated Cost per class:

$300- $525

Total Estimated Hours developing curriculum, organizing, promoting and leading each class:    

4-7 hours

Total Estimated Hours of funding still needed to be funded

44- 77 hours for 11 classes

Max  Estimated Hours still needed to be funded:              

77 hours


If less money is raised, we can offer fewer classes to start, or get funding from other sources- perhaps the professional organizations involved or the participants. The program needs some basic coordination no matter how many classes are offered, so the first $2000 raised will be set aside for that purpose.