Got Greywater! Laundry to Landscape Workshop on Sat Feb 15

This workshop is full. Sign up for the waitlist.

This will be the first of two laundry to landscape workshops on a cozy property just off of Oak Park.  This workshop will focus on diverting greywater from a front loader to fruit and maple trees in the side yard.

The fruit trees will be planted during the workshop, and two of them will be placed close to the fence where they will be espaliered. The art of espalier is when trees and branches are pruned and trained to grow in a flat rather than bushy formation. They’re commonly found up against a wall or fence. This practice helps to maximize growing space and in this case, keep the trees from growing over the walkway.

We will learn about the configuration of piping from the washer that will be run through the crawlspace.  Part of the greywater piping will go through a sleeve underneath the walkway, and we will learn more about when and how to employ this technique in a greywater system.  

Join us on Saturday, February 15 from 8:30am-1:30pm to help another Santa Barbara household get greywater. As of February 3, this workshop is full.  Sign up for the waitlist.